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It's All About You

Our business is all about showing the value of your business.  We believe in proving how valuable your training can be to the bottom line of your clients and stakeholders.  And we know just how to do that.  Whether you're a training business selling your solutions to clients, or an internal training organization trying to show the value you bring to the business, we can help you tell your powerful story of impact.

Our Value


Did you know that showing the effectiveness and impact of your training can increase your sales by 400%?  Did you know that just offering potential clients a follow-up evaluation can significantly distinguish you from all your competitors? Power up your sales pitch and value proposition with a simple and compelling case study. If you're an internal HR training group, you can significantly increase your buy-in and budget by showing your stakeholders and business leaders the true value of your initiatives.  Our clients increase training participation and sales by packaging, advertising, and promoting our results.  And, with the right timing and post-training data, we can help you create your first great case study within just one month of your initial consultation. Isn't it time to show the value you bring to the C-table?

Our Expertise


Founder, Dr. Paul Leone and his award-winning, 6-level measurement approach has been helping top training organizations around the world to finally show their bottom line impact to clients, business leaders, and stakeholders.  His ground-breaking, peer-reviewed book "Measuring and Maximizing Training Impact: Bridging the Gap Between Training and Business Results" was published by Macmillan in 2014. He is an industry-recognized thought-leader, speaker and author for Training Industry, ATD, Training Journal, etc.  He's been both an internal and external consultant, giving him a unique perspective on what results executives want to see from training. Recently, one of his case studies helped Verizon win the coveted 2019 Brandon Hall Gold Award for "Best Advance in Measuring the Impact of Leadership Training". 


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